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There are three different roles in Groups:

Only Organization Administrators can see information for people across Planning Center apps. Groups Administrators can view information about all people in the Groups database; however, Groups Admins can't participate in a group chat for a group they're not a member of.

Permissions to access member information and add people to groups

Access to view or edit member contact information depends on a person's role in Groups. The table below summarizes the access for different roles.

Role Default Access Additional Settings
Administrator In Giving, Administrators can view and edit contact information for any group member in Groups. If an Administrator is also a People manager, they will be able to access and edit additional information about the person from their People profile.
Leader Leaders can see the basic contact information (email and phone number) for members in their groups. If Admins give the leaders of a group permission, they can search the church database when adding new members and see basic contact information for anyone in the congregation.
Group member On Church Center, group members can see the names of fellow group members, as well as any other details other members choose to share.
Group members can set sharing settings for their profile picture, email, and phone number according to what they want to be viewable to other members on Church Center.
Non-group member On Church Center, non-group members can't see any information about group members.  Group leaders or Administrators can adjust group settings to show the first name of a group leader and allow non-members to contact the contact person for the group from Church Center.

The following table has more details on who can add, remove, or edit group members:

Task Permission
Add an individual to a group
Administrators and Leaders with access to People database
Invite an individual to a group
Leaders without access to People database
Add multiple people to a group
Editor or Manager permissions in People
Accept or reject membership requests
Administrators and Leaders
Edit member information
Remove a member from a group
Administrators and Leaders

Group Members

Group members are people who have been added to a group by either an Administrator, a Group Leader, or have added themselves to a group using Open Signups.

Visitors are not considered members of a group until they are officially added as members.

There are different ways to join a group, depending on the group type.  After joining a group, members can log in to Church Center to:

Group Leaders

Group Leaders can create events, add resources, and communicate with group members once they log in to the administrative side of Groups. However, they can only access the groups that they are leaders for.

A Group Leader logs into the Groups admin page using their email address and password. After logging in, group leaders will see all groups that they are members or leaders of in the My Groups tab.

Leaders can update events, resources, and other settings for groups they lead.

Once logged into Groups, Leaders can do the following for their groups:

  1. Add and manage group members.
  2. Manage the group's calendar by adding and removing events.
  3. Add and remove group resources.
  4. Modify the group information, such as name, description, contact information, location, and group image.
  5. View various group reports.
  6. View attendance reports.

Some group settings within the administrative side of Groups can be configured to limit what group leaders can do. Only Administrators can make changes to those settings.


Groups Administrators have unlimited control in Groups. Administrators can:

Groups Administrators can also do everything that Group Leaders can do.

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