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There are three different roles in Groups:

Only Organization Administrators can see information for people across Planning Center apps. Groups Administrators and Leaders who have been given permission can view about all people in the Groups database.

Group Members

Group members are people who have been added to a group by either an Administrator, a Group Leader, or have added themselves to a group using Open Signups.

There are different ways to join a group, depending on the group type.  After joining the group, members can log in to view their group information.

login on group page

Once a group member is logged in, they can:

Group Leaders

Group Leaders can create events, add resources, and communicate with group members once they log in to the administrative side of Groups. However, they can only access the groups that they are leaders for.

A Group Leader logs into the Groups admin page using their email address and password. After logging in, group leaders will see all groups that they are leaders for in the My Groups tab.

log in on groups page

Each group has its own administration page.

Once logged into Groups, Group Leaders can do the following for their groups:

  1. Add and remove members and communicate with group members.
  2. Manage the group's calendar by adding and removing events.
  3. Add and remove group resources.
  4. Modify the group information, such as name, description, contact information, location, and group image.
  5. View various group reports.
  6. View attendance reports.
  7. Manage their personal contact information.

A person can also be added to a group by joining the group.

Some group settings within the administrative side of Groups can be configured to limit what group leaders can do. Only Administrators can make changes to those settings.


Groups Administrators have unlimited control in Groups. They can set up group types, edit groups in bulk, and access information otherwise inaccessible to leaders.

Groups Administrators can also do everything that Group Leaders can do.

To add an Administrator, go to the People tab on the admin side of Groups. Select the Administrators tab, choose Add Administrator, then enter the name of the person. If the person is not already in your database, create a new person.

add admin

To remove an Administrator from Groups, go to the Administrator's profile and select Remove admin access.

remove admin access from profile

Delete removes the person from Groups entirely. Any history recorded will be deleted forever, so instead of deleting the person, make them inactive on the People page.

Administrators can remove Leaders from a group Members tab. Choose the dropdown under Member Actions on the same line as the person, then select Remove Leader.

remove leader
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