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Send Reminder Emails

If you want to remind your group members about an upcoming event and ask them to RSVP, send them a reminder email! You can set up automated reminder emails from the event settings or group settings. If you want to manually send a reminder email immediately, you can do that from the event page.


Emails are sent to the primary email address, except for Account Settings. Account Settings sends an email to every email address listed on an organization administrator or billing manager's profile.

If you want to send a manual reminder email for any upcoming event, go to the group's event page and select Send now next to the event.


Regardless of RSVP status, all group members will receive an email before the event.


Manually sending a reminder overrides and cancels any scheduled reminders.

Add a Custom Message

To send out a manual reminder email with a custom message, go to the event page and select Send event reminders.

send email reminders_arrow.jpeg

Enter a message and select Send to email your members. The email includes options to RSVP.

modal_reminder email.png

Remind Specific Members

After sending a scheduled or manual reminder email, you can choose specific members to reach out to again.

From the event page, select Reminder Options.

reminder options_arrow.png

Choose who should receive another reminder email and select Send. The email includes options to RSVP.

modal_resend reminder emails.png

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