Contacting Group Members

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Contact members by sending an email to a specific group or group type.

Email Group Members

To email all members of the group, go to the Members tab on your group, and then click Email all members.

To email selected group members, put a check by the names of the people that you want to email, and then click the email icon with the number of members that you selected.

Complete the subject and message in the email form, and then click Send.

If you want to simply remind your members of an event coming up, send them a reminder email from the event page!

Email Members of a Group Type

Administrators can also email all members of a group type. Select the group type then Email all members.

email members of group type

To send an email to a more specific set of people, use the filter bar to select a group of people or manually select the members you need to contact.

email people in filter

You can also select the type of member to email from the dropdown under the filter.

There's not a way to add an attachment to an email; instead, add the file to Resources and point people to that resource.

View Sent and Received Emails

You can view all of your sent and received Groups emails right from the Communication tab on your Profile.

Click your profile image in the upper right corner of any Groups page to go to your profile.

Click on the Communication tab to view emails you've sent and any emails sent to you.

Leaders will only have access to view their own emails. They do not currently have access to other members' profile pages. Administrators will be able to view the communication tab on all profiles in Groups for both members and leaders.

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