Manage and Email Group Members

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You can add or invite new members, email or print member lists, and remove people from a group from the Groups Admin Members tab. Administrators can also email members of any group from the Groups People page.

Which Email Address Receives the Email?

A person can specify the primary email address on a profile, but not all Planning Center products respect that primary email address at this time.

These products only send an email to the primary email address on a profile:

  • Registrations
  • Calendar

These products send an email to every email address listed on a profile:

  • Services
  • Groups
  • People
  • Check-Ins
  • Accounts

This product allows a person to choose which email address, regardless of the primary email address:

  • Giving

Manage Group Members

You can add or invite new members, email or print member lists, and remove people from a group from the Groups Admin Members tab.

  1. When someone requests to join your group, you'll receive an email notification. You can either respond via the link in that email or respond from Groups.
  2. Take one of these actions on selected members in the list: Email members, print a list of members, export a list of members, or remove members.
  3. You can either add or invite members to the group. You'll see the Add Member button if you have permission to add a new member directly; otherwise, you'll have a Invite a new member button. Contact your Administrator if you need permission to add members directly.
  4. Administrators can click to promote a member to a Leader.
  5. Edit the date the person joined the group.
  6. Click the red x to remove an individual member.

Email Members of One Group

Leaders and Administrators can send general emails to group members from the Members tab in Groups Admin. For example, if you want to let members know about a new group resource, add the file to Resources, and then send an email letting your members know it's available.

To email group members about a specific event, send a reminder email, which will include a link to the event.

  • To email all members, click the email icon at the top of the Members tab.
  • To email selected members, put a check next to the names of the people that you want to email, and then click the email icon.

Complete the subject and message in the email form, and then click Send.

Email Members of Any Group

Administrators can email members from more than one group. For example, if all small groups will be not meet next week due to a church-wide event, you can email all small groups with this information.

From the People page, filter the list for the people that you want to email. If you want to email specific people in the list, put a check next to their names, and then click the envelope icon.

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