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Keeping track of who and when can help you gauge the health and engagement of your groups. Administrators can request, edit, or add attendance from the Groups admin pages.


If you're not interested in tracking attendance, you can turn off the reminders on the group settings page.

Request Attendance

Administrators can set up recurring Attendance Reminders or request attendance from single events.

On the specific event's page, select Request attendance from leaders.

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Leaders and members designated to take attendance will receive an email to their primary email address.

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The event's attendance form will open when an attendance taker clicks Report attendance now from the email.

Record Attendance Using Admin Pages


Equip your group leaders and key members to take attendance in Church Center!

A group's Event tab shows the attendance status for each event. Events are listed chronologically by default, showing the date and time, name, attendance status, notes, reminders, and responses.

Select Take attendance next to a specific event to go to that event's attendance roster.

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Events that have Has not started yet as their status will switch to the Take attendance button 10 minutes before the start time of that event.

Members and leaders will always appear on the roster; you must add visitors each time they attend. To take attendance:

  1. Check the box next to each present member's name.

  2. Use the plus or minus buttons to tally the number of visitors at the meeting.

  3. To add someone to your roster, select their role (visitor, member, or leader) from the dropdown, then search for their name. If they're not in your database, you can choose to Add a New Person.

Select Submit to record attendance.

Promote a Visitor to Member Status

When a visitor has regularly attended your group and is ready to become a member, promote them from the attendance roster by selecting the star next to their name.

The roster will refresh, and the visitor will be a member!

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Attendance Reports

On the Attendance tab of a group, you can view the attendance information for each individual at each meeting, their attendance percentage, and some more tidbits.

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  1. Choose the period for which you want to view attendance.

  2. Check the box if you want to view removed members.

  3. Select Print and choose whether to print the report or save a CSV file.


    The Print View for Groups is limited to approximately 8 dates within an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. If you need to print more Attendance Report data, choose smaller date ranges to prevent reports from being cut off.

Check out the bottom of the report for additional information.

  1. Visitors are tagged in the report. If they become a member of the group, the tag is removed.

  2. Attendance totals for each event are shown.

  3. Select a specific attendance total to go directly to that event's page.

  4. If the leader doesn't take attendance, the column is grayed out for the event.

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