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Attendance can be a key indicator of group health. Leaders can take attendance from the Admin side or in Church Center as early as 10 minutes before the event. You can also allow group members to take attendance in the Church Center App.


If you're not interested in tracking attendance, an Administrator can disable the reminders on the group settings page.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Request Attendance

Administrators can request attendance from single events.


If you want attendance reminders to be sent to leaders before every event, set this up in the group settings.

On the specific event's page, click Request attendance from leaders.

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Leaders and members designated to take attendance will receive an email to their primary email address.

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The event's attendance form will open when an attendance taker clicks Report attendance now from the email.

Take Attendance

Leaders and designated members can take attendance by following the link in their attendance email or using Church Center.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

From an event, tap Take attendance.



If you don't see the button to take attendance, tap Actions and select `View past events.

Select the people who attended the event and tap Submit.

  1. Tap the Notes button to add a note.

  2. Use the A-Z button to sort by first or last name.

  3. Tap Add member to invite a person to join the group by QR code, email, or text.

  4. If you have visitors, include them in your Visitor Count.

Allow Members to Take Attendance

You can allow members to take attendance by tapping their name from the member list and toggling Can take attendance under Permissions.


Once someone is given this permission, they will:

  • Receive attendance emails

  • Be able to take and modify attendance

  • Be able to leave notes

  • Modify the visitor count

Modify Attendance

To update the attendance list, go to the event page and select Update.


Take Attendance on the Admin Side

A group's event tab shows the attendance status for each event. Events are listed in chronological order by default and show the date & time, name, attendance status, notes, reminders, and responses.

Click Take attendance to go to that event's attendance roster.

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Check the box next to members who were present. Members and leaders will always appear on the roster; you must add visitors each time they attend.


If visitors are mentioned in the event note, you can add a visitor count here so that your total numbers are accurate.

If attendees are not on the roster, you can add them! Using the dropdown, choose to add a member, visitor, or leader, and then enter the attendee's name in the search box.


If you are a Leader and don't see the search bar to add a new member, reach out to your Administrator to give you access.

Select them from the list if the person is already in your directory. If not, you can select Create a new person to add them.


You can only add one person at a time using this dropdown.

Click Submit to record attendance.

Change a Visitor to a Member

You can promote a visitor to member status from the Admin side.

Click the star next to the visitor's name on the attendance roster. The roster will refresh, and the visitor will be a member.

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