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Archive or Delete a Group

When a class or quarter is over, administrators can archive a group to remove it from the active groups view. Archiving a group preserves membership records, event history, and attendance data. You can also delete a group, which permanently removes all data about that group.

In the group Settings, select Archive or Delete.

archive or delete_arrow.jpeg

Select the button to archive or delete the group.

modal_archive or delete.jpeg


Deleting a group removes all information from the group which can not be recovered.

If you archive the group, you can un-archive or delete the group. 

archived group.jpeg

If you un-archive a group, the group becomes active again, and the members are counted toward your subscription totals.


Inactive profiles in People remain on archived group member lists to keep attendance history intact. If these groups become active again, inactive profiles are removed from the member list. The inactive profile attendance history remains intact.

By default, the Groups page shows only active groups. However, archived groups can be viewed by changing the Status filter to Archived groups.

show archived groups_arrow.png

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