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In order to keep up with what's happening in your church's groups or be alerted to a potential problem, Administrators can receive notifications about a group or membership requests.

If the bell icon next to your name has a yellow dot, you have some notifications to address. Click the bell to view the notifications.

bell icon

From the Notifications page, you can see the two types of notifications: Alerts and Membership Requests.

Notifications page
  1. Alerts are notifications about a group's enrollment. Select the linked group name to address the issue by changing the settings or members.
  2. Membership Requests show people who haven't received a response from their group leader about joining the group. You can choose to add or not add people the group.

You can set Notifications about group enrollment in  group settings.

Membership Requests

A Group Leader or Administrator can choose to Don't add or Add people to the group and send them an email from the Members tab on the group page.

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