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When your members use the Church Center web or app to access their groups, they might occasionally have questions about how to do things like joining a group, updating their information, or responding to RSVPs.

To answer most of your group members' questions, you can share one of the Church Center videos below. Below the videos section we have additional tips on items that members might have questions about.

Church Center Groups Video

You can share this video with your members to help them learn how to use groups.

Download the video or share a link with your group members.

Joining a Group

Anyone can browse or join groups from the Public Groups List on your unique Church Center URL or from the Church Center App.

To join a group, click the Join or Ask to join button on the group page.

group page
  1. You can use the Contact button to contact the contact person of the group with any questions.
  2. After clicking Join or Ask to join, do the following, depending on what type of group it is:

If the group requires leader approval to join, you will be prompted to send an email to the leader to request to join the group. The leader will respond, letting you if you've been added to the group or not.

If the group does not require approval to join, confirm that you want to join the group if you are logged in, or enter your email and confirm that you want to join from the email that you receive.

Logging in to Church Center

When you enter your mobile number or email in the login screen, you will be sent a verification code, which will expire after two hours and can only be used to log in once.

After you are logged in, you can make changes to your Church Center profile.

Once you log in to the Church Center web or app, you will stay logged in for fourteen days from your last activity.

Responding to RVSPs

When members are sent RSVPs for events, they can respond via RSVP email or through the member interface.

Someone can RSVP whether or not they are currently logged to the Church Center:

  • If they are logged in, they will be taken to the member site, where they can make changes to RSVPs for this or other events.
  • If they are not logged in, their RSVP will be recorded, but they will need to log in to make any other changes.
  • If someone else is logged in to Church Center from the same computer, that person will be logged out and the person who RSVPs will be taken to the member site.

If they need to change their response, they can do that from the original RSVP email.

Changing RSVPs is currently only available to members from Church Center web. Admins can also change these on behalf of a member by accessing the event RSVPs on the Admin side of Groups

They can also access the group from the group page, log in if necessary, and change their response for the event.

Change your response

Accessing Your Group Page

When you are logged in to Groups on Church Center, the groups you are a member of are displayed on top of the page.

From individual group pages, you can access a list of upcoming events, the roster of members, group resources. You can update which information you want to share with the group, subscribe to the event calendar, and view general group information.

In Church Center web, members can access more information about the group from the left navigation bar.

In Church Center app, members can access more information about the group from the tabs at the top.

Messaging will only be displayed if Group Messaging has been enabled by the group Leader.

Sharing Your Information

You can update the information that you share with other members of a group you belong to.

From the Church Center web or app, go to the Members tab for a group, and select Review shared info.

Select the information you would like to be available for other group members, and check Apply to all groups if you want to share this same information for all your groups.

The information you choose to share here is what will be seen by other group members. Group Leaders are able to see all of this information for their group members.

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