Finding Group Members

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Administrators can search for people in groups by filtering for group type, role, status, or tag from the People page. You can then email people in the list, print the list, or even export a CSV file of the listed data.

To search for people across all groups in your account, go to the People page.

Search by Name

If you know the name of the person you want to search for, type their name into the search box, and then select their name from the list.


The name and contact information for each person is listed, along with the groups they are a member of. Groups that the person leads are highlighted in orange.

Click on a person’s name to see their profile.


Selecting the filter button opens a sidebar that allows you to narrow down the list.

  1. Filter by group type and role. You can also check Inactive members only to see all people who are not currently members of a group.

  2. Add a filter based on the tags that were set up for your account.

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