New: Mute Topics in Group Messaging

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Receiving a few too many notifications!? The Church Center App now allows you to mute entire topics in Group Messaging. 

To mute a topic, head into your group, search for the topic thread you want to stop push notifications for, and swipe to the left! Once you mute a topic, you will see a grey moon 🌙


Later, when you open up Group Messaging, we will indicate you have unread activity by displaying the moon icon in blue. This will keep you in the loop without distracting you all day with notifications from Dylan and Serena's GIF battle 😂

But what about those times when you need to weigh in, but you don’t have time right now? Topics can also be marked as read or unread by swiping the topic to the right! Topics with unread messages will be marked with a blue circle 🔵 


Please let us know what you would like to see next in Group Messaging! 

~ The Groups Team

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