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While email is a great way to communicate, sometimes a group needs to engage in an ongoing conversation about event details, responsibilities, or who has photos from the last community outreach project. Keep your group members connected with the Group Messaging tool available through the Church Center App!

Enable Group Messaging

Messaging needs to be enabled individually for each group. Administrators can enable messaging for every group, and they can give leaders permission to enable messaging for their groups.

Enable Group Messaging for Leaders

Admins can allow Leaders to enable group messaging in the  Group Type Settings.

  • If this is enabled, Leaders will be able to turn on messaging from the group Settings whenever they are ready.
  • If it is left disabled, the Admins in Groups will be the only ones able to turn on messaging and will need to go into each group individually to do this.

Enable Group Messaging

Admins or Group Leaders (if they've been given permission) can enable messaging from the group Settings page.

  1. Check to enable messaging for the group.
  2. Choose whether members and leaders can create new messages or only leaders.

Viewing and Creating Messages

To access messaging for your group, find your group in the Church Center App, and go the Messages tab. Tap on a message to view it.

Add a Reply

To add a comment, image, or gif, tap into the reply area.

Tap the image icon to upload up to ten images at a time directly from your photo library on your phone or take a photo and upload it immediately.

Use a Gif keyboard (like Giphy, Gboard, and Tenor) to find a Gif that you want to post to the group.

Create a Message

In the Messages tab for your group, tap New.

Enter the subject and body of your message, uncheck the Allow replies box if you don't want people to add comments, and then tap Send.

You might not want to allow replies if you are just posting an announcement or prayer requests.

Disable Replies

You can disable replies to a topic you created to stop people from commenting on the topic

To disable replies, tap the menu in the top right corner.

In the menu, select Disable replies.

Mute Topic

You can continue to allow people to reply to a topic, but mute notifications for yourself.

  • Swipe left in the main comments list to mute a topic.
  • Swipe left on a muted topic to unmute it.

When you mute a topic, a crescent moon icon appears by the topic. Unread activity on the topic turns the moon blue.

Mark Topics as Read

If there's a topic in the group that you looked at and want to come back to later, you can mark it as unread so you have a notification to remind you to come back to it.

  • Swipe right to mark the topic as unread.
  • Swipe right on an unread topic to mark it as read.
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