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Remove a Group Member

While members can leave a group at any time, there may be instances when you need to remove a member from the group. Leaders can also remove group members directly from Church Center.


When a person is removed from all groups, they are no longer listed on the Groups People page, but remain in the People database. A People administrator must make their profile inactive.


Need to remove a visitor? Visitors are automatically added to the attendance roster following the initial event they attended. If they don't attend the next event, they no longer appear on the attendance form, and you must add them to the attendance for future events.

From the Members tab, check the box next to the members you want to remove and select the minus icon above the list.

remove multiple members_arrow.jpeg

Check the Notify members box in the popup to notify the removed members by email.

remove notify_arrow.png

These notification emails cannot be customized.

removed sample email.png

When a member is removed from their group, all group leaders are notified by email.


If the group has less than 20 members and group messaging is enabled for Church Center, a removed group member will show as "left the group" on the Messages tab.

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