Remove a Group Member

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Leaders or Admins can remove a person from a group if they are no longer a member or make them inactive to fully remove them from Groups.

Remove a Group Member

From the Members tab, choose who to remove from the group.

  1. To remove more than one member at a time, select the people that you want to remove and click the minus icon.

  2. Remove an individual by clicking the X at the end of their row.


Need to remove a Visitor? Any visitors will be automatically added to the attendance for the event following the initial event they attended. If they don't attend the next event, they will fall off the attendance form and need to be added to the attendance for future events.

You'll be given the option to send them an email letting them know they were removed. These emails cannot be customized.

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All Leaders, except the leader who removed the person, will receive an email letting them know that the member has been removed.

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Remove a Person from Groups

When a person is removed from a group, their information is still available in Groups and in the People database.

To fully remove the person from the database, an Administrator who has Manager permissions in People can delete the person's profile and make them inactive in People.

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When a person is inactivated, they'll be removed from the members list of any groups they belong to. However, their attendance records for group events will be saved for future reference.

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