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Cancel or Delete an Event

If an event is no longer taking place, you can cancel it! There are two ways to update your calendar:

  • Cancel an Event: Unless your event was created by mistake, this is usually the best option for events that are no longer taking place. When you use this option, the event remains on the calendar (both online and in subscriptions) but is labeled as "Canceled" so that members are aware. Events can be canceled from the Groups admin pages or Church Center.


    If you want to cancel an event in Church Center, follow these steps.

  • Delete an Event: This is permanent and removes all traces of the event from the calendar. If attendance was taken and visitors were listed, that information is also permanently erased. Events must be deleted from the Groups admin pages.

On the group calendar, select the event to cancel or delete it.


Cancel an Event

In the event, select Cancel event.

cancel event_arrow.png

To notify members that the event has been canceled, check the box, edit the message as needed, and then select Cancel Event.

modal_notify group members.png

The event will remain on the group calendar with a line through it, and the attendance column will show Canceled.

canceled event_box.jpeg

If you change your mind, choose the canceled event and select Restore event.

restore event.gif

Delete Event

To delete an event, scroll to the bottom of the event Edit page and select Delete event. If your event repeats, choose to delete only this event or all future events as well.

delete dropdown_arrow.png


There is no way to recover a deleted event.

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