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Members can RSVP to an event from the reminder email or in Church Center, which can help you plan ahead for how many will attend!

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On the main Events page of your group, you can see the number of each type of RSVP response received and the number of people who have yet to respond for all of your scheduled events.


Select a specific event to see the RSVPs of individual members.


RSVPs are only viewable by the Group Leader, Group Type Managers, and Groups Administrators. Members can view their own RSVP status but not the status of other group members. In Church Center, only the specific group's Leader(s) can view/edit RSVPs, not any other admins or attendance-taking members.

  1. View the number of responses for each type of RSVP at a glance.

  2. Use the dropdown to filter your view to members with a specific RSVP status.

  3. Select the printer icon to open a print-friendly page with the event information, RSVP summary, and members list filtered to the selected view.

  4. Use the RSVP column to see each member's response and sort the list by RSVP status.

  5. Select Edit next to a member's RSVP to change their response.

Change RSVPs

If a member needs to change their RSVP but can't do it themselves, you can change a member's RSVP from the group's page.


Leaders can view and update the RSVP status of their group members for a specific event by going to that event in Church Center.

Select Edit next to the person's name in the RSVP section.

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Choose the appropriate RSVP response from the dropdown and select Save & send.

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The member will receive an email to inform them that the RSVP has changed, and if they want to update the RSVP again, they can do so from the email.

RSVP update email
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