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You can communicate with your group using the Church Center web and app if messaging has been enabled for the group.

To view or send a message for your group, find your group in the Church Center app or web, and then go to the Messages tab.

Create a New Topic

In the Messages tab for your group in Church Center app, tap New.

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new message_arrow.png

Enter the subject and body of your message, and then tap Send.



You might not want to allow replies if you are just posting an announcement or prayer request. Uncheck the Allow replies box if you don't want people to add comments.

Manage Topics

One topics are created, you can mark them as read, mute them, or delete them.

Mark Topics as Read

In Church Center app, if there's a topic in the group that you looked at and want to come back to later, you can mark it as unread so you have a notification to remind you to come back to it.

  • Swipe right to mark the topic as unread.

  • Swipe right on an unread topic to mark it as read.

mark as unread.gif

Mute Topic

In Church Center app, you can continue to allow people to reply to a topic, but mute notifications for yourself.

  • Swipe left in the main comments list to mute a topic.

  • Swipe left on a muted topic to unmute it.


When you mute a topic, a crescent moon icon appears by the topic. Unread activity on the topic turns the moon blue.


Delete Topics

Group leaders can delete a topic by tapping on the menu, and then choosing Delete.



To add a comment, image, or gif, tap into the reply area.

respond to message.png

Tap the image icon to upload up to ten images at a time directly from your photo library on your phone or take a photo and upload it immediately.

send photo.png

You can use a Gif keyboard (like Giphy, Gboard, and Tenor) to find a Gif that you want to post to the group.

send gif.gif

Disable Replies

You can disable replies to a topic you created to stop people from commenting on the topic.

Choose Disable replies from the menu on the message.

message menu_arrow.png
disable replies_arrow.png

Delete Replies

Members can delete any reply that they have posted in a thread, and leaders can delete replies posted by any group member.

Tap and hold the comment or click the menu, and then choose Delete.

delete reply_arrow.png
delete dropdown_arrow.png


Sometimes you just need to get a quick headcount, or let others know that you are praying without having a whole bunch of "Praying!" replies blowing up your phone. Reactions solve this problem! You can react to a message by long pressing on the reaction shortcut and selecting the reaction you want to apply.

  1. On the web, you see this option to add a reaction.

  2. Select an emoji, and it will be added to the message.

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