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If your church is meeting online, you can create a way for kids to meet online as well by adding them to a group. Track attendance for kids groups without needing Check-Ins labels by adding kids to a group. If you want to use interaction pieces, like messaging or sharing resources, add parents to the group as well. 

Having kids and parents in a kids group allows you to record attendance for kids while giving parents access to Church Center to communicate and interact with the leader and other parents.

Due to our Terms of Service, children under the age of 13 cannot log in to Church Center or chat over messaging.

Add Kids and Parents to Group

Once you've created a group, you can set the group to allow people to join it, or you can add people to the group manually.

To use any of these automations, you'll need to access to People.

Allow People to Join

If you want people to be able to join the group themselves, you can set up some automations that add the parent and child to the group, regardless of which one joins the group.

To allow people to join the group, choose Open from the group Settings.


As they join the group, you want to make sure the child and parent are both added to the group, so you'll need to use lists and automations.

1. Find Parents of Children Who Join the Group

Create a list that finds the primary contacts of those who have joined the group. This will return the primary parent of any child who joins the group.

2. Add Children of Parents Who Join the Group

First, duplicate the list and change the inclusion to household children to find any children of parents who joined the group.

Children of Kids Group Parents - People

Then, use the list to create a list of kids of the right age for the group.

  1. Make sure you choose the list you created of the children of the parents who joined the group.
  2. Choose the grade or age that matches the group they'll be joining.
3. Automatically Add to Group

If you set the lists to automatically refresh and add automations to two of the lists, the primary contact and age/grade-appropriate child will be added to the group when the parent or child joins.

Refresh the List

From the Settings of all lists, make sure the lists automatically refresh.

Joined a group In the last 1 day 'Only active groups' 'any group type' '1st Graders' 'Any tag groups' 'any options' Led by: 'any leader' - People
Add to Group

From the automations tab of the parent list and then age/grade-appropriate list, set the list results to be added to the appropriate group.

1st Grade Parents - People

Automatically ADD People to Group

If you want to add all age/grade-appropriate kids and a parent to the group, you can set up two lists and automations.

1. Create Age/Grade-Appropriate Kids List

From the Personal option, choose the grade or age matching the group.

2. Create Automation

Create an automation that will automatically add the people on the list to the age/grade-appropriate group.

1st Graders - People
3. Set to Auto-Refresh

To automatically add people to your list as they're added to your database, set your list to auto-refresh in the Settings.

1st Graders - People
4. Create Parent List

Duplicate the first list, and change the inclusion to primary contact.

Make sure you create the automation and set this list to auto-refresh as well!

Take Attendance for Events

When it's time for events, you only take attendance for the kid who attended.

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