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Updating the School Year for a Group

When you promote grades in Planning Center People, it won't affect the status of groups that you have set up by grade level. To reflect the promotion of the group members, you can create a new group.


We recommend that you rename your current group to reflect the past school year and create a new group to reflect the upcoming school year.

Rename the group in the Settings by adding the date of the prior school year. For example, if your current group is 2nd Grade Parents, add the date of the previous school year to change it to 2nd Grade Parents (2021-2022).


Create a new group for the upcoming school year, for example, 4th Graders (2021-2022).

new group_school year.png

The fastest way to copy students into the new group is to add multiple people to the group using bulk actions in People.

list_grade to group.png

Archive the group for the prior school year. This will keep the attendance history and reporting intact for that group and will show accurate data of Groups participation according to Grade in People activity feeds.

archive or delete school year group_arrow.png


While we recommend creating a new group to preserve the group history, you can also change the name of the group without creating a new group. For example, you could change the name of the group from 3rd Graders (2020-2021) to 4rd Graders (2021-2022). However, you will lose the history that applies to that specific school year. For example, instead of Billy's profile saying that he was in the 3rd-grade group, and now he is in the 4th-grade group, his activity feed in People will show that he has always been in the 4th-grade group.

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