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Groups Administrators have unlimited control in Groups, and they can access all member information in the database. Group Type Managers have administrative permissions for all groups within the group type they manage.

Administrators can change add or remove Administrator or Group Type Manager permissions and create new Administrators. Group Type Managers can add or remove managers from the group types they manage.

Update a Member's Role

An Admin can give or remove a member's Administrator or Group Type Manager access.

Access a person's profile by clicking their name in the People page.

people page_arrow.png

Click Edit Permissions.

edit permissions_arrow.png

Select the permissions that you want to assign. If you chose Group Type Manager, also assign the group types that the person will manage.

modal_permissions_group type manager.png

Click Update permissions.


If Administrator or Group Type permissions are removed, the person will retain Leader or Member access for any groups they belong to.

Add a New Person as an Administrator

To add an Administrator or who is not currently in the Groups database, click Add Administrator.

add administrator_arrow.png

Enter the name of the person, and click Create a new person.

modal_add admin.png

Fill out the profile information for the person and click Save.


The person will be added to Groups as an Administrator.


To add a new person as a Group Type Manager, you'll first need to create the person, and then promote them to a Group Type Manager after their profile is created.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Add or Remove Group Type Managers

Group Type Managers can be added or removed from group types by Admins or Group Type Managers.

To edit a Group Type Manager, go to the Group Types page, and then click the Managers button in a group type.


From here, you can add or remove Group Type Managers.

modal_group type managers_numbered.png
  1. Search for a new person to add as a Group Type Manager.

  2. Click Remove to remove a current Group Type Manager.

  3. Click Save managers when you are finished making changes.


If you accidentally select remove next to an existing manager, you will have the option to restore them before saving your changes.

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