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As you add Groups Administrators, you may want to limit the types of groups they have access to, rather than giving them access to the church’s entire collection of groups. You wouldn’t want your Sports Team Manager to also see all of the Celebrate Recovery groups. To help with this, we’re excited to release a brand new permission level -- Group Type Managers. 

A Group Type Manager is someone who manages one or more specific Group Types, allowing your managers to focus on exactly what matters to them. 

What can a Group Type Manager access?

A Group Type Manager can only see the people and groups that they’ve been given access to. We’ve hidden the “Tags” and “People” tab at the top of the admin side of Groups. We’ve also scoped a Group Type Manager to only see calendar events, reports, and resources from the Group Types they manage. Our goal was to make it look and feel as if no other groups or people existed outside of the groups that a Manager can access. 


How do I add Group Type Managers? 

From a person’s profile page you’ll now see a permissions section on the right. Click “Edit permissions”, and you’ll be able to assign as many Group Types as you’d like to that person.


With this new permission level, your church will be equipped to maintain the privacy of more sensitive groups, and continue growing more administrative leaders. 

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