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Common Groups Lists

Using the Lists feature in Planning Center People, you can create a list of group members according to event attendance, missed events, the date they joined, or the date they applied to join. You can share lists with others or print them using reports.

Member of Multiple Groups

You can see members in more than one group or a specific number of groups.


Active Group Members

Create a list of all your group members.


Attended an Event in a Time Frame

Create a list to find group members who have attended a group event in a specified time frame.


Missed Events

Create a list of members who did not attend events within a specific time frame.


Joined a Group

Create a list of anyone who has joined a group within a time frame.


Applied to Join

Create a list of anyone who applied to join a group (or all the groups in a specific group type) and is still waiting for a response.

groups list sample.png

Using the Status, you can narrow the list down to those who have a pending request, were accepted, or were declined.

Missing Contact Information

Create a list of group members without phone numbers or other incomplete profile information.

groups list sample 2.png

You can email or text the people in the list, asking them to update their contact information. Include this link that will guide them to update their profiles in Church Center!


Add parents to a group using lists and automations.

  1. Create a list that finds the household adults of kids in the right grade or age.

  2. Create an automation to add the people on the list to the appropriate group.

  3. Set the list to automatically refresh, which will cause the automation to run when a new person is added.

Add Specific Attendees to a Group

If you need to communicate and share resources with people who register for a specific selection, you can add them to a group when they register! Create a list and set it to auto-refresh with an automation that adds them to a group. Once they're added to the group, they can message, access resources, or view upcoming events applicable to them.


If you want all registered attendees to be in a group, create an automation in the Registration signup.

If attendees don't need to be automatically added to the group, use bulk actions on a list instead.

Create a List

Create a list in People to find the attendees who have registered for the event. Add the specific selection or assignment for the people you want to add to the group.

list_attendee type.png

Set List to Auto-Refresh

Set the list to auto-refresh nightly in the Settings.


Create Automation

Create a list automation to add the people to the group.

add to group.png

Selecting What to See in Your List

The Results tab shows all the people who met your conditions and rules.

  1. Send a text message, email, or Church Center announcement to people on the list.

  2. Use bulk actions to make changes to everyone on the list.

  3. Export the list to a CSV file.

  4. Print a report of people on the list.

    If printing the Default Report, verify your columns show all the information you want to print.

  5. Edit the information viewed in your results by selecting any of the available columns.

  6. See the results for each of your conditions and then the total of all of them together in the sidebar.

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