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Filter and Sort Groups

Sometimes, you need to see specific groups to spot trends or view reports, events, or resources. You can filter groups and then sort them based on the information you need most.


The filters you select will stay applied as you switch between the Groups, Calendar, and Reports tabs.

From the Groups page, expand the filter tab and choose how to filter.

  1. Show groups from a specific group type.

  2. Active groups are shown by default, but you can also show Archived groups. Selecting All groups will show both active and archived groups.

  3. Show groups based on whether they have a meeting schedule.


    The Meeting Schedule column doesn't appear unless you have checked that box in the column dropdown.

  4. Not all groups are shown on Church Center. Filter the page to see which ones have been listed and which are unlisted. Check the group(s) that need updating, then use the pencil button to Edit visibility settings

  5. Filter by enrollment. Check the relevant groups, and then use the pencil button to change the enrollment status of many groups at once by Editing them.

Filter with Tags

Filter the groups list to only show groups that match a certain tag.



The filters can be used on the Reports and Calendar tabs as well!

Tags can also be used along with other criteria to filter lists of group members.

Filter by Group Type

Choose a group type to see the view for just that group type.

Administrators can filter by all group types. Group Type Managers can only filter for group types they manage.

group type dropdown.png

The results on the page will only reflect the selected group type.

Sort Groups

You can change which columns are displayed on the page by clicking the column dropdown and checking the boxes next to the column names. By default, groups are sorted by group names; however, you can change the sort order or sort by other columns by clicking the column name at the top of the list.


Sort by Meeting Schedule to ensure all your groups have entered their meeting schedule. If they haven't, select Add meeting schedule to add a schedule for a group.


The meeting schedule is shown on the public page, defaults new events to that date and time, and allows an Administrator to create bulk events for the group.

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