Getting to Know Groups

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The main Groups page shows the information for all groups in the selected group type. To see details about an individual group, click on the group.

Administrators can access this information for all groups in the account. Group Type managers can access this information for the group types they manage, but they don't have access to the Tags or People pages. The tabs across the top allow you to see the reports, events, and resources for groups in the chosen group type.

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  1. Filter the groups list by group type, status, Church Center visibility, enrollment, or tag.

  2. Change the status of groups in the list.

  3. View groups and sort them by the headers.


The gear takes you to various settings for your Groups Account.

  1. Manage group types settings

  2. Manage tags settings

  3. Manage requests - you'll see new requests to join groups here

On the Tags page, Administrators can add or edit tags for groups to help you filter groups on the Admin page and allow people to filter the list of groups on Church Center.

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On the People page, Administrators can view information for members of all groups, search for people, and filter the list.

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