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If you are getting ready for your next groups season, you can open or publish all of your groups at one time. Filter your groups, sort the groups to find the ones you want to change, and then use the bulk actions to make the changes.

  1. Filter the groups to show the ones you want to update.

  2. Sort the groups by the column that applies to the changes you want to make.

  3. Check the boxes next to the groups you want to update.

Once you've chosen your groups, click the arrow dropdown to decide if you want to bulk edit the settings or archive the groups.


Bulk Edit Groups

You can update the Church Center visibility or the enrollment status of the selected groups.

  1. Choose for the groups to be Hidden or Published on Church Center.

  2. Allow people to request to join, or set the groups to Closed.

Archive Groups

Archive the selected groups by clicking the archive button.

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