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After you send a reminder email, members can RSVP to the event, which helps you plan for the event. Reminder emails have buttons for group members to RSVP for the event.

RSVP email

You can keep track of the number of people who have responded to the RVSP from the main Events page on the events list.

email members of group type

You can also see how individual members have responded to the RSVP from the event page.

RSVP list

Change RSVPs

If the member needs to change their RSVP but can't do it themselves, you can change a member's RSVP from within the group page.

Click Edit next to the person's name in the RSVP section.


Choose the appropriate RSVP response from the dropdown, and then click Save & Send.

Edit RSVP dropdon

The member will receive an email to inform them that the RSVP has been changed, and if they want to update the RSVP again, they can do so from the email.

Udpate RSVP email
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